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Vehicle Dump

Posted on 2013.08.28 at 01:46
Inspired by my recent saga to actually list all the bots and vehicles in EP in the Gear Guide I now have decided to homebrew a couple of vehicles for my own entertainment and edification.


Light Combat Vehicle
Essentially a lightly armored-up version of the Mars Buggy, the Light Combat Vehicle is used in certain areas as a patrol or fast-attack vehicle, ideal for rough terrain. It holds 4 passengers and a gunner to man the weapon mount. It is also equipped with a roll-cage to prevent easy overturning. The cabin is enclosed, but not usually pressurized, but can be to hold 100 hours of air, and has a maker system to produce food and water for 48 hours. Comes with headlights, radio boosters, and a vehicle radar system. [Expensive]

Main Battle Tank (MBT)
A relic of the Pre-Fall Era, MBTs are multipurpose armored vehicles which can survive large amounts of punishment and have powerful main-weapons. Not very useful in microgravity, a few groups still employ the MBT as a show of force or for certain ground-based operations, such as the LLA, the Jovian Republic, or Direct Action. The MBT can be crewed by 3 people (Driver, Gunner, Commander) or by only 1 person using the included Gunnery and Pilot AIs. The MBT usually has a main cannon (Seeker Launcher) and coaxial Machine Gun. It's ammo stores stock up to 50 Standard Missiles and over 1,000 rounds of kinetic ammunition. The MBT is pressurized, and holds 100 hours of air, and can recycle food and water indefinitely with an internal Maker. Comes equipped with a Radio Booster, Spotlight, Reactive armor system, as well as Chameleon Coating and is Radar Absorbent. The MBT has external hyperspectral cameras, as well as Radar and Lidar systems. [Expensive (50,000+)]

Riot-Control Bot

VTOL Gunship

Vehicles Passenger Capacity Handling Movement Rate Max Velocity Armor Durability Wound Threshold
Light Combat Vehicle 5 +10 8/32 40/90/110 30/25 180 36
MBT 3 - 4/16 50/75 35/35 240 60
VTOL Gunship 14 +20 8/36 30/20 100 20


Morph Dump

Posted on 2013.08.10 at 20:04
So now that Transhuman is out and has some official custom morph rules, I'm gonna just dump some random shit here. Because brains.

Alfar (Hazer Variant morph)
Implants: Basic Biomods, Basic Mesh Inserts, Cortical Stack, Enhanced Vision, Radiation Sense, Respirocytes, Temperature Tolerance (Improved Cold), Enhanced Hearing, Clean Metabolism, Enhanced Pheromones
Aptitude Max: 30
Durability: 35
Wound Threshold: 7
Advantages: +5 COO, +5 WIL, +10 SAV, Striking Looks (Level 1) trait
CP Cost: 30
Cost: Expensive (~31,500)


Felinoid (Biomorph)
Implants: Basic Biomods, Basic Mesh Inserts, Cortical Stack, Enhanced Hearing, Enhanced Smell, Enhanced Vision, Claws, Grip Pads, Prehensile Tail
Aptitude Max: 30
Durability: 30
Wound Threshold: 6
Advantages: +5 COO, +5 INT, +5 REF, +10 Climbing, +10 Freerunning, Limber (Level 2) Trait
Disadvantages: None (Uncontrollable Urge common)
CP Cost: 15
Cost: 15,000

Felinoid (Tigress Variant)
Implants: Add Bioweave Armor (Light), Chameleon Skin, Skin Pocket
Advantages: add +10 Infiltration and Innocuous trait
CP Cost: 15
Cost: 18,000+


Codebreaker (Pod Biomorph)
Implants: Access Jacks, Active Countermeasures, Basic Biomods, Basic Mesh Inserts, Circadian Regulation, Chameleon Skin, Cortical Stack, Cyberbrain, Dead Switch, Eelware, Eidetic Memory, Electrical Sense, Emotional Dampers, Ghostrider Module, Gait Masking, Hacking Alert, Math Boosts, Mental Speed, Mnemonic Augmentation, Oracles, Persistence, Puppet Sock, Skin Pocket, Skinflex, Skinlink, Wrist-Mounted Tools
Aptitude Max: 30
Durability: 35
Wound Threshold: 7
Advantages: +10 COG, +5 INT, +10 Infiltration, Innocuous trait, Skill Artifact (Academics: Cryptography) trait
Disadvantages: Social Stigma (Pod)
CP Cost: 30
Cost: 45,000+


Arctic (Biomorph)
Implants: Anti-Glare, Basic Biomods, Basic Mesh Inserts, Circadian Regulation, Cortical Stack, Direction Sense, Efficient Digestion, Enhanced Respiration, Enhanced Vision, Grip Pads, Low Pressure Tolerance, Radiation Tolerance, Temperature Tolerance (Improved Cold)
Aptitude Max: 25
Durability 30
Wound Threshold: 6
Advantages: +5 to one aptitude of your choice (Includes penalties for Efficient Digestion)
Disadvantages: Planned Obsolescence, Temperature Intolerance (Warm)
CP Cost: 40
Cost: 40,000+

Jotun (Synthmorph)
Enhancements: 360 Degree Vision, Access Jacks, Anti-Glare, Basic Mesh Inserts, Cortical Stack, Cryonic Protection, Cyberbrain, Digging Claws, Industrial Armor, Mnemonic Augmentation, Radar, Radiation Sense, Radiation Shielding, T-Ray Emitter, Wrist Mounted Tools
Mobility Systems: Walker (4/20), Tracked (8/32)
Aptitude Max: 30 (40 SOM)
Durability 45
Wound Threshold: 9
Advantages: Exceptional Aptitude (SOM), +10 SOM, Armor 10/10, Large Size
Disadvantages: Social Stigma (Clanking Masses)
CP Cost: 40
Cost: 40,000+


Amorph (Pod Biomorph)
Implants: Basic Biomods, Basic Mesh Inserts, Bioweave Armor (Light), Chameleon Skin, Cortical Stack, Cyberbrain, Enhanced Smell, Gills, Grip Pads, Medichines, Mnemonic Augmentation, Nanophages, Poison Gland (Factor Dust Toxin), Respirocytes, Shape Adjusting, Skinlink, Squishbot, Swim Bladder, Toxin Filters, Vacuum Sealing
Aptitude Max: 30 (20 SOM, 20 COO)
Durability: 30 (Includes Respirocytes)
Wound Threshold: 6
Advantages: +5 INT, +5 REF, Small Size
Disadvantages: Social Stigma (Pod), Social Stigma (Alien), Alien Biochemistry
CP Cost: 25
Cost: 50,000+

Xenomorph (Pod Biomorph)
Implants: Basic Biomods, Basic Mesh Inserts, Cortical Stack, Cyberbrain, Mnemonic Augmentation, Enhanced Vision, Enhanced Hearing, Adrenal Booster, Carapace Armor, Claws, Grip Pads, Neurachem (Level 1), Prehensile Feet, Prehensile Tail, Toxin Filters, Vacuum Sealing, Oxygen Reserve
Aptitude Max: 30
Durability: 35
Wound Threshold: 7
Advantages: +5 SOM, +5 REF, +10 Freerunning, Improved Immune System (1), Bite attack (2d10+DB DV AP -3, must grapple first), Tail Blade attack (1d10+1+DB, AP -1)
Disadvantages: Social Stigma (Pod), Uncanny Valley
CP Cost: 35
Cost: 35,000+


Psiren (Fury Variant)
Implants: Basic Biomods, Basic Mesh Inserts, Cortical Stack, Bioweave Armor (Light), Enhanced Vision, Neurochem (1), Toxin Filters
Aptitude Max: 30
Durability: 50
Wound Threshold: 10
Advantages: +10 SOM, +10 WIL, +5 COO, +5 REF, Psi Chameleon trait, Psi Defense (Level 1) trait
CP Cost: 75
Cost: 48,000+


Liberty City Libertarian - Headlines #05

Posted on 2012.10.27 at 16:57
Local - Homegrown Heroes Stop Attacks

Local - New Night Club Opens

Local - Agano/Sasuke Wedding Announced

National - FBI Continues Moreau Manhunt

National - Extreme Weather Patterns Continue


The Black Files

Posted on 2012.10.27 at 16:36
Been watching the X-files lately, and got a niggling concept on my mind. I'm fascinated with CoC/DG and things of that kind of ethos, so I'm thinking of doing some interconnected scenarios in that vein, which I'll call the Black Files. Similar to X-Files, this would be a secret department for handling spooky, unexplainable things, probably dating back to the 50's. players would be sent out to investigate unusual cases, dealing with supernatural shit, which they both have to solve, but also make sense of. Could possibly come in opposition to the US government.



Posted on 2012.10.23 at 00:37
From the Desk of the World Security Council eXtraterrestrial COMbat Unit:

21 March, 2015

Hoo-boy, that new containment facility looks scary. In a good way. Too bad it about bankrupted us of the credits the WSC issues us. I may not even have the money I need to upgrade my troops with the new Nanofiber vests or the Carapace Armor they need to end up less hospitalized. Hopefully when I give the Council my report in 11 days, we can get a boost of funds.

25 March, 2015

Another abduction report, in threes again. These ETs are smart, they know we can only do one, and the nations left out are up in arms afterword. Nigeria, France and India are on the list. Looking at them India is more agitated, but a tougher Op from our intelligence. But they're willing to pay in cash, cold hard. I'm worried about my boys and girls, but I need money. THEY need money. I'm sending the Skyranger.

[Spoiler (click to open)]

25 March, 2015
Deployment Area: Delhi, India
Team Size: 4
Sgt. Dioppe "Prophet" (Nigeria)
Cpl. Schmidt (Germany)
Cpl. Bennett (USA)
PFC. Rivera (Argentina)

BIG SKY dropped STRIKE-ONE outside a conveinience store in the area of the ET activity. Signs of alien activity were confirmed, and STRIKE ONE approached the storefront. Upon approaching the storefront, X-Rays were confirmed, and engaged.

ETs proceeded to flank the team, and attack from both sides, wounding Bennett. STRIKE-ONE neutralized several them in the return fire. X-Rays inside and out exchanged fire with the unit, who ended up killing many of them, with little return action. Cpl. Schmidt finished the last one with her sidearm.

3:44 AM, Operation Concludes: 8 X-Rays killed, Cpl Schmidt and Bennett WIA. Cpl Schmidt and Bennett promoted to Sgt, PFC Rivera promoted to Cpl.


This one was a little rough, but we knew that going in. More ETs than ever this time. But Bennett and Schmidt will be alright. Since their Sergeants now, they get "official" callsigns. Amy Bennett is now recognized as "Nightmare" for her deadly accuracy with that rifle of hers. I think Schmidt's name of "Pixie" was something her brother came up with, but her only other choice was "Nurse" so I think this is less embarrassing some how.

And now I have 200 more dollars than I started with.

After paying to construct an Arc Thrower, some Nanofiber Vests (A new kind of underarmor developed by looking at alien tech) and another "Med-Kit", I spend part of the remainder on commissioning the another level to the access lift. We're gonna need a second floor soon, and excavation takes long enough. Then I spent some more of it on officer training courses, so now everyone knows how to work in five man teams, instead of four.

The question is, will that mean more dead X-Rays, or more XCOM soldiers in hospital beds?


Sweet merciful space Jesus, was I glad to see the Council Report. They're so pleased with XCOM's first month they've given us additional funds and personnel. I've immediately begun excavation on the new level, and I'm building a Workshop to hold Engineering personnel, and soon I will construct a new Satellite Uplink station, to help quell some of the panic spreading. Carapace Armor will be complete in a couple days. Let's hope April is as good as March.

(2 April) Carapace Armor complete, now I've got Vahlen working a Sectoid autopsy. She'll be happy, I'm sure. Unfortunately, new armor sets will need to wait until the Workshop is complete, and I have enough engineering staff to build the damn things.

(5 April) Well Autopsy complete, now I want Vahlen to analyze the weapon fragments we've been collecting. I've passed out the new toys to the troops, and Italy sent a new guy out, too. And I've commissioned another Power Plant.

6 April, 2015. UFO-2 sighted over Japan. RAVEN-1 scrambled to intercept. UFO-2 was shot down, but took a lot of hits. The damage is devastating for what has to be their smallest ship, and the Interceptor craft as the best aircraft the WSC can design and build. I'm organizing the OP to recover the craft now. We're gonna bring a live alien back, and a shitload of booty.


[Spoiler (click to open)]

6 April, 2015
Deployment Area: Japan
Team Size 5
Sgt. Dioppe "Prophet" (Nigeria)
Sgt. Bennett "Nightmare" (USA)
Sgt. Schmidt "Pixie" (Germany)
Cpl. Marquez (Argentina)
Pvt. Wheeler (USA)

BIG SKY deployed STRIKE-ONE to the UFO crash site in a forested area of Japan. Units deployed to the site, following the trail to the downed craft. ET patrols were encountered then engaged.

Prophet attempted to close with an alien to capture it, but it died when the other was slain in some kind of "psychic backlash". Dioppe was injured, but Schmidt managed to heal him.

The UFO was breached, another "Outsider" X-Ray was encountered, then intercepted. Then they encounter another X-Ray type, we're designating "Floater". Y'know, because it floats. XCOM reports less than optimal situation for a capture. Command orders a kill on the final alien if a capture isn't possible in the next couple seconds.

Sgt. Dioppe managed a successful capture of the injured ET. Dr. Vahlen was very pleased.

9:42 AM. 5 X-Rays killed. Sgt. Dioppe WIA. Pvt. Wheeler promoted to PFC and assigned to the Heavy Program. Cpl. Marquez promoted to Sgt.


Marquez made Sergeant, so we're calling him "Mustang" now. He sprints a lot, so it's fitting.




Posted on 2012.10.22 at 19:45
From the Desk of the World Security Council eXtraterrestrial COMbat Unit:

So, met Dr. Vahlen first, down in the R half of R&D. She's German, of course. She's apparently a ranking expert in genetics, biochemistry, astrobiology and she's smart enough to be well read on a number of other subjects. She's got five guys down there. After we talked for a bit, she informed me we lacked the resources to study anything other than alien corpses. Then she gently informed me that the more ETs we explode, the less she has to study. Since she scares the crap out of me and Bradford, I'll try and stay on her good side.

Then I was paged to Engineering to see Dr. Shen, who handles the Development side. He also only has five guys (I'm sensing a pattern here). After a quick chat, he informed me that we didn't even have first aid kits in stock (Seriously, Rocket Launchers and LMGs, but no band-aids?) but that Dr. Vahlen had already sent him designs for some kind of spray bandage med-kit. I told him to make one real quick, and work on excavating more of the base territory, then went on my way.

Then I went down to the barracks to meet my troops. There are 10 of them on active duty now, we started with twelve. Since PFC Schmidt is in the infirmary, PFC Moretti is my ranking officer. In addition we have the following rookies; Juan Carlos Marquez of Argentina, Margarita Ruiz of Spain, Yvonne Rivera of Argentina, Tafari Luthuli of Nigeria, Stacy Ellis of Canada, Minjoon Kwan of South Korea, Amy Bennett of USA, Jack Thomas of England and Jan Johnson of Sweden.

First thing I noticed, they don't have any helmets. When I asked, Marquez (Who apparently lost his shit last op, which is why my most competent soldier is having bullets pulled out of her right now) informed me that they weren't standard issue for XCOM, since he doubted they'd do a whole lot to stop an alien bolt of plasma from melting your face off. But if you want one, they're available. Someone else, Ruiz I think, asked about uniform customization. I said I wanted units to be cohesive, but since they're already a diverse world group, they should feel free to customize armor as they liked, with my approval. I've decided to assign colors by training, Red for the Heavy Program, Gold for the Assault Program, Blue for the Support Program, Black for the Sniper program, and Rookies are Khaki until they earn their stripes.

Then I decided to hire on two more guys. We'll see who the council sends.

With that out of the way, I began the wonderful work of sitting in my office over looking the globe-map while we scan for alien activity.

March 6th, the Power Generator was completed, meaning we don't need to siphon from the local grid 100% any more, and the two new guys arrived. Pvt. Mark Wheeler from America, and Pvt. Bernard Schmidt from Germany (Apparently PFC Martina's brother). Then at 10:24 AM, Our Time, we got our first UFO contact.

RAVEN-1 was scrambled to intercept over Japan, and in what I take to be a very good sign, dropped UFO-001 with two missile shots, while taking no damage herself. That pilot's getting a cigar when he comes back. Maybe a box. We're scrambling a response team to investigate the crash now.

[Spoiler (click to open)]

6 March, 2015
Deployment Area: Japan
Team Size: 4
PFC Moretti (Italy)
Pvt. Ruiz (Spain)
Pvt. Bennett (USA)
Pvt. Rivera (Argentina)

BIG SKY deployed STRIKE ONE at 11:21 AM local time to the crash down site of UFO-001. Objectives are to sweep the area, eliminate any remaining hostiles and salvage the craft. STRIKE ONE deployed in defensive positions, before encountering ET activity. X-Rays then dove for cover.

Bennett scored the first kill, followed shortly by Moretti. STRIKE ONE then exchanged fire with enemy patrols, eliminating them, and approaching the craft. Movement was reported inside the craft, then Pvt. Bennett accessed the craft, and discovered an entity inside Dr. Vahlen concludes was made of "mostly energy". Bennett opened fire, and eliminated the X-Ray, taking the craft.

Operation Concludes @ 12:47 PM. 5 X-Rays killed, no Operatives lost or injured. Bennett approved for promotion to PFC, and entry into the Sniper Training Program.


After the wild success of Op: Patient Palace, I went to the new situation room, where I ordered the placement of a Satellite over the USA (Mostly to boost funding), and ordered RAVEN-2 transferred there. Then, with Council approval, I sold some of the damaged alien tech we salvage on the market, to increase our bank a little. They're useless to us anyway, might as well sell them.

Then the next morning, 12:51 AM, we get simultaneous reports of Alien Abduction attacks across the globe, Argentina, China and Egypt, each government calling XCOM for aid. They're all council Nations, so now I need to decide who gets my support. We've only got one Skyranger, and time to report to one site.

Priority was given to Argentina, who is pledging Scientists Dr. Vahlen needs to get our Research going. Plus, I got two soldiers from there, and none from the other two.

[Spoiler (click to open)]

7 March, 2015
Deployment Area: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Team Size: 4
PFC Moretti (Italy)
PFC Bennett (USA)
Pvt. Marquez (Argentina)
Pvt. Rivera (Argentina)

BIG SKY deployed STRIKE ONE at 3:35 PM local time to a Construction Site in Buenos Aires. Operatives deployed in a cautious stance to locate and eliminate enemy hostiles. PFC Moretti climbed a shipping container to get a better view, and located and engaged enemy X-rays. Moretti elminiated both targets, while the rest of STRIKE ONE attempted to locate additional hostiles.

Marquez ID'd and fired at additional X-rays, splashing one. Enemy returned fire, but missed, and Bennett and Marquez finished them off.

Operation concluded @ 5:45 AM. 6 X-Rays killed, no Operatives lost or injured. PFC Moretti promoted to Cpl. Pvt. Marquez promoted to PFC and assigned to Assault Program. Pvt. Rivera promoted to PFC and assigned to Support Program.


I hope all our missions go as well as these have been. Sadly, panic is rising in Asia and Africa. We'll have to mollify them later. I've ordered construction on a Laboratory to house the full Research staff we're now accruing. We're building up a decent NCO core, or will soon.

Two Days later, Vahlen finished her initial research, and proposed to the division heads we capture a live ET. Bradford was hesitant, but Vahlen and Shen were adamant, so Bradford brought it to me. I green-lit the "Arc-Thrower" project, but the Containment facility is going to have to wait until we've dug out more of the base.

(March 14) But with that accomplished, I had to sell the Council a number of ET corpses, which Vahlen herself hasn't had a proper crack at, to fund the Containment facility.

One day later, the Arc Thrower is properly planned, and now we're working on Alien Materials. I'll have the aliens autopsied next, but they're not doing any harm sitting in storage. Sadly, we lack sufficient funds to produce the damned thing at the moment. Need to have a word with the Council about how underfunded this outfit is for save all of mankind. At least the lab is online now.

21 March, 2015. 2:59 PM

Council is reporting a Nigerian politician is under attack by the Aliens. Previously, he apparently had a pro-cooperation (Read, Collaborator) stance, so the council wants to "Talk" to him. They're willing to assign a senior NCO to the Unit if we can pull this off, and doing what they say is sure to calm down the Council nations. I'm sending my best troops.

[Spoiler (click to open)]

21 March, 2015
Deployment Area: Benin City, Nigeria
Team Size: 4
Cpl. Moretti
PFC. Bennett
PFC. Marquez
PFC. Schmidt

STRIKE ONE was deployed in Benin City to recover William Thorne, a local politician with a pro-alien stance. Orders are to escort Mr. Thorne to BIG SKY for immediate EVAC. EVAC site in an urban area.

While forming a defensive permiter, Moretti made first contact with a new form of X-Ray, one that is much more humanoid in appearance. We're giving this one the name "Thin Man" to distinguish it from the original, which Dr. Vahlen is calling "Sectoid". PFC Marquez was deployed ahead to eliminate the hostile, who appears to have exploded into a cloud of toxic chemicals when killed.

Thorne, it should be noted, was considerably uncooperative during the rescue operation, even as he was informed to keep his head down and in cover.

Additional X-Rays arrived on scene, but were engaged as they appeared by the Strike Team, Though shots were exchanged by both sides. PFC Bennett and her sniper rifle were most effective at picking of X-Rays lurking on rooftops. Marquez was hit by enemy fire while exiting the alley, and panicked, as did Mr. Thorne.

After Moretti was grazed by enemy Overwatch fire, Mr. Thorne was persuaded to flee to the extraction zone, and STRIKE ONE was instructed to eliminate all remaining hostiles. Moretti and Schmidt finished off the remaining X-Rays.

Operation Concluded @ 11:35 AM. 6 X-Rays killed, VIP secured unharmed. Cpl. Moretti and PFC Marquez WIA. Cpl. Moretti promoted to Sgt. PFCs Marquez, Schmidt and Bennett promoted to Cpl.


Moretti came back full of holes, but he's tough. Team's taken to calling him "Brick" now, since he's so hard to kill and kind of red. Might make it a tradition in the unit that when you make Sgt, you can get an "official" call sign.

Nigeria sent the new guy over right away, a Sgt. Adegoke Dioppe. He's a pretty decent field commander, make good support material. The guys are calling him "Prophet" after the OP he joined after. With Moretti in the medbay, he's my new senior NCO. Let's hope everyone likes him.

Now I need to go see the finished Containment Facility. I think Dr. Vahlen's about to cream her pants (But don't tell her I said that. I'll have an accident one of these days).



Posted on 2012.10.22 at 17:30
From the Desk of the World Security Council eXtraterrestrial COMbat Unit:

Got this on my desk first thing I got in, I was still on the plane to Base when Strike One deployed into India. The results are mostly Central's (Bradford) doing, but I suppose the rookies in the field take some credit.

[Spoiler (click to open)]

1 March, 2015
Deployment Area: Kolkata, India
Team Size: 4
Pvt. Chavez (Mexico)
Pvt. Marquez (Argentina)
Pvt. Moretti (Italy)
Pvt. Schmidt (Germany)

BIG SKY places STRIKE ONE on the ground at 1:21 AM Local Time. STRIKE ONE deployed to the area of a local police station, an immediately assume a cautious, overwatch position, against urging of CENTRAL and spread out to take the building.

After encountering signs of ET activity, Pvt. Chavez got first eyes on the X-Rays inside the building, and fired some warning shots, to no effect. Pvt. Chavez was then killed by enemy return fire. (Reports indicate some kind of directed energy weapon, which Dr. Shen assumes to be plasma based.)

Pvt. Marquez panicked and fired wildly, accidentally injuring Pvt. Schmidt in the spray, and was unresponsive for several seconds. X-Rays emerged from the building into the courtyard, where soldiers took shots, but were in effective. Pvt. Schmidt scored the first X-Ray kills with a frag grenade (Commander's Note: Much to the dismay of Dr. Vahlen. Also, when did we start making grenades that beep and flash before they explode?).

Pvt. Moretti killed the first X-Ray with a gun, and we discovered the ET's weapons explode when the operator dies. Dr. Vahlen insists we collect fragments. Pvt. Schmidt drops the last X-Ray, and WSC approved Schmidt for a promotion and special unit training.

Operation concludes @ 1:26 AM. 4 X-Rays killed, Private Gabriel Chavez KIA. Private Martina Schmidt WIA (6 Days Recovery Time)


So, first day on the job, I get flown out to Philippines at Like 3 AM local time. Why the fuck we're in the Philippines, I don't know, probably because Japan, China and India couldn't agree where to stick it, but that's where the WSC built it, and the Council placed me. First thing I see coming in off the plane is our transport (A Skyranger they call it, pretty sweet) come in and medics run into the hangar. They pull one girl out with a couple of bullet holes in her (Thank god for standard issue combat armor), and one guy in a body bag.

Then I'm introduced to Bradford, who is the "Central Officer", whatever that means. He passes me the After Action Report, and tells me I've got two soldiers awaiting promotion awards, one of whom is in a hospital bed, and I've also already got a letter to write to a guy's family.

Schmidt and Moretti have been bumped to PFC, Schmidt will receive Support training while recovering, and Moretti has been given Heavy Trooper training (And the biggest fucking gun in the armory). Now I need to read this report, and go meet my staff.

XCOM Command, out.


MHR - Support

Posted on 2012.10.21 at 20:29
Alright, changing the house rules. Reputation is useless, you're not using it, I'm not tracking it, so it's pointless. You all can stop keeping track of it. Instead, we're trying something new, I call "Support". Support is a stat that represents how well your individual heroes are supported by the people around them, fans, admirers, organizations, etc. It's a measure of how popular you are, but also how well supplied you are by outside sources. You cannot buy support dice, I can only award them at the end of a session for you doing something for which you gain support, I can also take them away, but I will only do that if A) You do something that universally pulls support from your hero, and B) you did it in such a public way, lots of people can't help but find out about it.

Everyone for the campaign is being awarded a retroactive 5d in support. Vera and Boris, however, get an additional die, because they're part of preexisting organizations.

Here's what you can do with them, you can use them like wealth dice, and add Support dice to any skill check you make where having support is helpful, and you can pull on it. Think broadly; add to Research to have your allies run down information for you, add to a knowledge check to deepen your knowledge base, to your Scrutiny check to call in more guys to sweep that crime scene. You can only roll in each individual die once, and can't use more than 10d per session. You can also spend Support die for other things. You can use 2 support dice to buy a die of Wealth, and you can use 5 Support dice to get a die of Base. Additionally, for each "Tier" of operation, you guys can spend Support dice on certain special bonuses. Here's the current list:

Street Tier:

Spend x Support Dice to call up x number of Minions (Rabble) to aid your next action
Spend 2x Support Dice to permanently add x number of Minions (Rabble) to your group
Spend 4x Support Dice to upgrade the Quality of x minions to Trained
Spend 1 Support Die to get a shipment of Lethal Weapons (IE, arm self with a sword, knife, bow, or give minions W in K)
Spend 1 Support Die to get a shipment of light armor (IE, LAR 2 for self or give group of minions LAR 1)
Spend 2 Support Dice to get a shipment of small arms (IE, get self a pistol or shotgun, or give group of minions W in SK)
Spend 2 Support Dice to get permanent access to a conventional vehicle (Truck, van, etc)
Spend 2 Support Dice to get one-time use of an Aircraft (Helicopter, Small plane, etc.)
Spend 3 Support Dice to get a shipment of military arms (IE, get self an SMG or Assault Rifle, get group of minions W in SK with Spray 3)
Spend 3 Support Dice to get a shipment of heavy armor (IE, HAR 1 for self, or LAR 2 for minions)
Spend 5 Support dice to get a shipment of heavy weapons (IE get Sniper Rifle or Machine Gun for self, give a group of Minions W in SK with Spray 5)
Spend 5 Support Dice to obtain a Lieutenant (100 pts)

Next City Tier:

Spend x Support Dice to permanently add x number of Minions (Rabble) to your group
Spend x Support Dice to call up x number of Minions (Trained) to aid your next action
Spend 2x Support Dice to permanently add x number of Minions (Trained) to your group
Spend 3x Support Dice to add x levels of Extra Tough to a group of minions
Spend 4x Support Dice to upgrade the Quality of x minions to Professional
Spend 1 Support Dice to get a shipment of small arms (IE, get self a pistol or shotgun, or give group of minions W in SK)
Spend 1 Support Dice to get permanent access to a conventional vehicle (Truck, van, etc)
Spend 1 Support Dice to get permanent of an Aircraft (Helicopter, Small plane, etc.)
Spend 2 Support Dice to get a shipment of military arms (IE, get self an SMG or Assault Rifle, get group of minions W in SK with Spray 3)
Spend 2 Support Dice to get a shipment of heavy armor (IE, HAR 1 for self, or LAR 2 for minions)
Spend 3 Support dice to get a shipment of heavy weapons (IE get Sniper Rifle or Machine Gun for self, give a group of Minions W in SK with Spray 5)
Spend 3 Support dice to gain permanent access to a Transport (Cargo Plane, Freighter, etc.)
Spend 3 Support dice to get a shipment of grenades (Frag grenades for self or give a group of minions W in SK with Area 2)
Spend 5 support dice to get a shipment of beam weapons (Laser Pistol or Rifle for self, arm minions with W in SK Pen 1)
Spend 5 Support dice to get a shipment of Anti-Armor Weapons (Arm self with Anti-Materiel Rifle or LAW, or group of minions with W in SK Pen 2)
Spend 5 Support Dice to obtain a Veteran Lieutenant (125 pts)


MHR - Future War

Posted on 2012.10.18 at 17:49
USA: Ever since after the Grey Invasion in the 50s, America's mentality on warfare has been to improve the utility and survivability of their individual soldiers, focusing on the original Gen I power armor, into the Modern Gen VII. Unlike the previous Gen V and VI, which used nuclear batteries, the Gen VII uses an on-board microfusion plant. Made from ceramite plates, the heavy Gen VII armor offers complete CBRN protection and environmental seals, though some concerns have been raised about it's resistance to Electromagnetic Pulse weapons. The Armor greatly enhances the users survivability, movement and strength, allowing them to carry heavier weapons and additional gear into the field, along with other enhancements. Some branches of the military still employ Heavy Infantry Combat Vehicles (HICA, formerly project HECATONKHEIRES), colloquially known as Hard Suits, which are similar to original Gen I power armor, only with better armor, an internal power generator (Now usually Fusion) and not an ICE, and more modern integrated weapons, at the cost of being actually piloted, not stood in and moved via pedals and levers.

Weapon-wise, the US still prefers conventional weapons for their soldiers, with Power Armor troops using the heaviest weapons available. Numerous experiments have been made into magnetic driven or directed energy weapons, but most of those are too costly or energy-demanding to field for individual soldiers, mostly reserved to prototype batches, or mounted on vehicles, such as MEDUSA Anti-Missile Lasers, or the Navy's Railgun prototypes. Leaps and bounds have been made in area-denial or less-lethal weapons, such as microwave or sonic systems. The US does have the strongest Solid State laser systems, but they are limited to static defenses, and experimental tank mounts.

Gen VII Power Armor HAR 4 (+3d Body, Confers Low Light Vision, Life Support, and immunity to Chemicals, Toxins or Radiological Attacks)

HICA (USMC Force Recon Variant):
Hit Locations 6
Hitboxes Per Location 6

1-2 Rt Leg
3-4 Le Leg
5 Rt Arm
6 Le Arm
7-9 Torso (Cockpit)
10 Head

Speed 6, Body 6
20mm Grenade Launcher W+1 SK (Area 2, Penetration 1, Spray 3) Location 6
7.62 Minigun W+2 SK (Spray 8d+1wd) Location 5
Shoulder Mounted Laser W+3 in SK (Burn, Penetration 3) Location 7-9

EU: The doctrine of the European nations is similar to the US, but due to different needs and tech focuses, they tend to employ different weapons. The UK has their own iteration of the Gen VI power armor for their heaviest units, as do former crown colony countries (Canada, Australia, etc), using high-storage batteries instead of nuclear power, which is cleaner, but has less operational time. UK Power Armor also is designed to be much more environmentally adapted, with better pressure and temperature resistance, but not as mobile as the US new Gen VII armor. Germany and France, however, prefer to specialize in the new "silk-steel" technology, using light weight woven armor which is as strong as steel plates, but much lighter, more flexible and stealthier, allowing units to be much more mobile and carry more equipment. Many nations in Europe also utilize NATO standard HICA units.

Like the US, the EU mostly sticks to conventional weapons, with special heavy weapons for Armored Infantry, but also branch out into experimental technology. The Germans have been flirting with Caseless rifles and Gyrojet ammunition since the 70s, the French are developing man-portable particle weapons, and the British are currently attempting to reverse engineer Cyrean "Shard" weapons to fire monomolecular projectiles. Like the US, many EU nations are also working on in area-denial or less-lethal weapons.

Silk-Steel Armor HAR 1 (-2 Penalty on Perception tests to see)

FEL14 "Lueur" Electron Laser W+1 in SK (Pen 2, Electrocuting, Slow 1)

PRC: Over the past couple decades, Chinese focus has not been on individual combatants, but armored vehicles, and more powerful weapon systems. The idea is that in an offensive, China has enough soldiers that they only need to ensure enemy losses severely exceed their own to win. As such, China experiments with many Tanks, APCs, IFVs and their own "War Walkers". These bipedal or multipedal armored vehicles, made with design elements fro Russian and Japanese armored vehicles, which are highly mobile, on any terrain, less effective in urban environments. Modern chinese walkers are either mobile, flexible unmanned units for recon or sentry work, or small 2-3 man crewed vehicles, like bipedal tanks.

The Chinese focus is on Magnetic Acceleration weapons, trying to replicate American success with Railguns, but focused on man-portable or vehicle weapons, utilizing smaller coil-based systems. Tanks and Walkers are equipped with magnetically assisted cannons to boost range and impact, and their pride and joy are the Gauss Rifles and Pistols now issued to Chinese Special Forces. Rifles are issued to top-ranking marksman in sniper and anti-armor roles, while the Gauss Pistols, which are bulkier than most sidearms, are reserved for officers or Walker crews. The PRC have also shown a great interest in reverse engineering Cyrean plasma weapons, but have not yet challenged UN resolutions banning the trade regulations on alien technology.

Gauss Rifle W+2 in SK (Pen 4, Slow 1)

War Walker
Hit Locations 5
Hit Boxes per Location 10

1-2 Rt Leg
3-4 Le Leg
5-6 Main Body
7-8 Hardpoints
9-10 Cockpit

14.7mm Gatling Gun W+3 in SK+2 (Pen 3, Spray 8d+1wd)
35mm Grenade Launcher W+2 in SK (Pen 1, Area 2, Burn, Spray 5d)
Magnetic Assisted 82mm Artillery W+8 in SK (Pen 8, Area 5, Burn, Slow 2)
Anti-Aircraft Missile Pod W+4 in SK (Pen 4, Area 4, Burn)
Crew 2

Russian Federation




Known Heroes

Posted on 2012.10.15 at 13:26
The Major:

Bio: "The Major" is both the codename and rank of America's main sponsored hero. A US Army Ranger, the Major was critically injured in an IED explosion in Afghanistan, and the rest of his squad was killed. While in hospital, he was screened and selected for the Army's "Phoenix Initiative" and was stabilized and asked to volunteer. Originally, the Phoenix Initiative was an attempt to mass produce higher quality Soldier Boosts to issue to soldiers, but this was scrapped in favor of mass production power armor and man-portable "Advanced" weapons for most soldiers. The Major volunteered to be Subject 0 of the final Phoenix Initiative test. When infused with the chemical cocktail, his metabolic rate was increased, his muscle and skeletal tissue strengthened, making him a more fit and resilient soldier. Promoted to being an officer, The Major spent a number of months after the recovery period in the field abroad performing trial and field test operations, before the Phoenix project was officially cancelled. After this, The Major was returned to the states, and assigned government duties. By a special congressional order, "The Major" (Now his alias and official rank) was given unilateral position as a resource for federal agencies in time of need, specifically to handle metahuman issues. Now armed with the finest in US military equipment, The Major has been a troubleshooter for the US Government in metahuman problems for around a decade. "Stationed" in DC, he frequently handles US military interests across the continent, and the globe, if needed, but mostly reacts to active "powered" crime or terrorism along the eastern seaboard.

Body 5d+(3d)
-Athletics 3d
-Brawling 3d
-Endurance 4d
-Melee (Combat Knife) 3d
Coordination 4d+(3d)
-Agility 3d
-Drive (Motorcycle) 4d
-Drive (Armored Vehicle) 3d
-Parachuting 4d
-Ranged Weapon (Rifle) 4d
-Ranged Weapon (Pistol) 3d
-Ranged Weapon (Machine Gun) 2d
-Ranged Weapon (Grenade) 3d
-Ranged Weapon (Energy Weapon) 3d
-Stealth 4d
Sense 4d+(2d)
-Empathy 2d
-Perception 4d
-Scrutiny 3d
Mind 3d
-First Aid 4d
-Knowledge (Military Science) 3d
-Knowledge (Biochemistry) 1d
-Language (Arabic) 3d
-Navigation 3d
-Security Systems 2d
-Survival 5d
-Tactics 4d
Charm 3d
-Persuasion 3d
Command 3d+(3d)
-Interrogation 1d
-Intimidation 3d
-Leadership 4d
-Stability 4d

BW 9
WP 18

Next-Gen Supersoldier
Source: Technological
Permission: Power Theme

Enhanced Durability (3hd)
Useful (Resiliant): Engulf +2, If/Then (only after combat) –1, Limited Damage (Shock only) –1, Permanent +4, Self Only –3. Capacities: Self
Useful (Extra Tough): Permanent +4, Self Only -3, capacities: Self

EW89 Man-Portable Electrolaser Compliance Encouragement System "Bolt Stunner" (10d)
Attacks: Daze +1, Electrocuting +1, Nonphysical +2, Limited Damage (Shock) -1, Focus (Accessible, Durable, Immutable, Manufacturable, Operational Skill) +0, Reduced Capacities -1, capacities: Range

Body Armor HAR 2 (All)
M4 Carbine W+1 in SK (Spray 4)
LMG W+2 in SK (Spray 5)
Mk 23 W+1 in SK
Combat Knife W in K
Frag Grenades W+1 in SK (Area 3, Pen 2)

Miss Mystery (II):

Bio: Born in the mid 80s to a pair of hedge mage parents who owned an Esoteric Books Store in San Francisco, the future Miss Mystery the 2nd showed an admirable talent for magic at a young age. When her parents were both shot and killed in a store robbery, she came under the guardian ship of her paternal grandfather, a retired stage magician, who taught her much about stage magic, while she also trained her own latent paranormal abilities. Her grandfather was placed into hospice care several years later however, when he was diagnosed with lung cancer. Rather than become a ward of the state, she was taken under the wing of recently retired heroine, the original Miss Mystery (Olivia Navarro), a potent psionic. With her mentor, the junior Miss Mystery was trained in mental discipline, self defense, and basic investigation skills. When she turned 18, Miss Mystery II was introduced to the world, and began her work to help control occult threats in the city area. After the sponsorship project was begun with the Major, she was approached by the federal government to sign up. Officially, Miss Mystery is a federal "consultant", but as part of her agreement, she does both investigation and active prevention of metahuman, particularly paranormal issues across the continent. She has a habit of appearing wherever there is magical trouble without warning.

Body 3d
-Athletics 2d
-Brawling 3d
-Endurance 1d
-Melee Weapon (Staff) 4d
Coordination 4d
-Agility 4d
-Sleight of Hand 5d
-Stealth 3d
Sense 5d
-Empathy 4d
-Perception 3d
-Scrutiny 4d
Mind 5d
-First Aid 3d
-Knowledge (Occult) 5d
-Knowledge (Literature) 3d
-Knowledge (Parapsychology) 2d
-Language (Latin) 4d
-Language (Greek) 3d
-Language (Atlantean) 2d
-Navigation 2d
-Research 5d
-Streetwise 3d
-Survival 1d
-Tactics 3d
Charm 5d
-Contact (Olivia Navarro) 5d
-Lie 3d
-Performance (Stage Magic) 5d
-Persuasion 3d
Command 4d
-Intimidation 2d
-Leadership 1d
-Stability 5d
-Occupation (Alchemist) 2d
-Wealth 1d

BW 10
WP 20

Source: Paranormal
Permission: One Power (Cosmic Power), Inventor
Intrinsic: No Willpower, No Way

Cosmic Power (8d+2wd)
Attacks extras and flaws: Duration +2, Variable Effect (anything) +4, If/Then (Incantation) -1, Capacities: N/A
Defends extras and flaws: Duration +2, Variable Effect (anything) +4, If/Then (Incantation) -1, Capacities: N/A
Useful extras and flaws: Duration +2, Variable Effect (anything) +4, If/Then (Incantation) -1, Capacities: N/A

Artificing (10d)
Attacks extras and flaws: Delayed Effect –1, Endless +3, If/Then (Variable Effect requires a workshop and time to work) –1, Variable Effect (artifacts) +2, Capacities: N/A
Defends extras and flaws: Delayed Effect –1, Endless +3, If/Then (Variable Effect requires a workshop and time to work) –1, Variable Effect (artifacts) +2, Capacities: N/A
Useful (gadget creation) extras and flaws: Delayed Effect –1, Endless +3, If/Then (Variable Effect requires a workshop and time to work) –1, Variable Effect (artifacts) +2, Capacities: N/A
Useful (gadget disassembly)extras and flaws: Delayed Effect –1, Endless +3, No Capacities –1, Capacities: Self

Extant Artifacts:

Arcane Blue Rose (10d)
Useful (Willpower Battery): Endless +3, Self Only -3, Focus -1, capacities: Self

Hat of Holding (9d+1wd)
Useful (Holding): Endless +3, Focus (Accessible, Adaptation, Booby-Trapped, Delicate, Friends Only, Immutable) -3, capacities: Mass

Wand of Sparks (10d)
Attacks (Stunning Sparks): Daze +1, Go First +1, Spray +1, Limited Damage (Shock) -1, Reduced Capacities -1, Focus (Accessible, Booby-Trapped, Immutable, Secret) -1, capacities: Range
Attacks (Jet of Flame): Burn +2, Go First +1, Spray +1, Reduced Capacities -1, Focus -1, capacities: Range
Useful (SFX): Duration +2, Focus -1, capacities: Range

7 League Heels (10d)
Useful (Teleport): Booster +4, Focus (Delicate, Immutable, Secret) -2, capacities: Range

Ironhide Coattails (3hd)
Defends (HAR): Endless +3, Interference +2, Armored Defense -2, capacities: Self

Staff W+2 in S


Bio: A child of the American Southwest, Gunslinger was born in Texas to two professional trick-shooters, both of whom where also Olympic medalists, and his father's family gunsmiths with a history going back to before the civil war. Naturally, his parents passed on their skills to their son, along with a healthy respect for the weapon, and he also picked up other skills while they traveled. In his early teens, Gunslinger's parents, younger sister, and large members of his extended "family" (Other members of the performing troupe) were killed in a deliberate act of sabotage by a mexican drug cartel, who were aiming to purchase land owned or otherwise used by the show. Moving in which his uncle, a trick rider and gunsmith, Gunslinger dedicated his life to mastering the skills his family held dear, and to someday stand a chance against those who had wronged him. At age 21, while investigating the sabotage, Gunslinger was set upon by members of the cartel organization, who also dealt in illegal enhancement technology. After he disabled those who came to kill him, he was investigated by Law Enforcement, then scouted for the sponsorship program, which he joined to expand his resources. He spends most of his time along the border, working against Central American organized crime making inroads to America with narcotic or enhancement drugs.

Body 3d
-Athletics 3d+(3d)
-Brawling 2d+(4d)
-Endurance 4d
Coordination 5d
-Agility 3d+(2wd)
-Drive (Horse) 4d+(2d)
-Ranged Weapon (Pistol) 5d+(3wd No Physics)
-Ranged Weapon (Rifle) 4d+(1wd No Physics)
-Ranged Weapon (Shotgun) 3d+(2d No Physics)
-Stealth 3d
Sense 5d
-Empathy 2d
-Perception 5d
-Scrutiny 4d
Mind 4d
-First Aid 3d
-Knowledge (Weapons) 5d
-Language (Spanish) 4d
-Navigation 3d
-Research 3d
-Survival 3d+(3d)
-Tactics 2d+(4d)
Charm 2d
-Lie 1d
-Performance (Trick Shooting) 5d
-Persuasion 3d
Command 4d
-Interrogation 3d
-Intimidation 4d+(1hd)
-Stability 3d+(3d)
-Occupation (Gunsmith) 4d

BW 6
WP 12

Quickest Gun In The West
Source: Driven
Permission: Hypertrained, Super-Equipment

Variable Bullets (10d)
Attacks extras and flaws: Variable Effect (Bullets) +2, Focus (Accessible) -1, If/Then (Need Mundane Weapon) -1, capacities: N/A
Useful (Non-Attacks) extras and flaws: Variable Effect (Bullets) +2, Focus (Accessible) -1, If/Then (Need Mundane Weapon) -1, capacities: /NA

Gun of my Fathers (8d+2wd)
Attacks: Go First +2, Penetration +2, No Physics +1, Speeding Bullet +2, Obvious -1, Depleted -1, Focus (Accessible, Adaptation, Durable, Irreplaceable, Operational Skill) -5, capacities: Range

Armor Plate HAR 1 (Torso)
Any Conventional Gun

Lady Liberty:

Bio: Over the past decade, the US government has been perfecting and distilling genetic or other biological enhancement technology from alien technology recovered in the past 50+ years. Naturally, these technologies have to be tested. In addition, the US wanted to effectively "create" their own hero for the sponsorship program, rather than recruit existing metahumans from the population. So volunteers were sought out, vetted, and the future Lady Liberty was selected. Not much is known about Lady Liberty from before her acceptance into the program, other than she was born and raised in New York City, and her family has a history of government service, but it is unknown in what capacity. Technically, LL is assigned to cover the entire New England area, but her status as a native New Yorker means she spends large amounts of her time handling metacrime inside the five boroughs.

Body 3d+(4d)
-Athletics 2d
-Brawling 3d
-Endurance 2d
Coordination 3d
-Agility 4d
-Drive (Bicycle) 2d
Sense 4d+(3d)
-Empathy 3d
-Perception 3d
-Scrutiny 3d
Mind 3d
-First Aid 2d
-Knowledge (Metahumans) 2d
-Navigation 3d
-Research 1d
-Streetwise 4d
-Tactics 2d
Charm 4d
-Lie 1d
-Persuasion 3d
Command 3d
-Intimidation 2d
-Leadership 1d
-Stability 3d

BW 8
WP 16

Modern Superheroine
Source: Genetic
Permission: Super
Intrinsic: Lethal Allergy (Promethium Salts)

Bulletproof Skin (2hd)
Defends (HAR): Permanent +4, Hardened Defense +2, Interference +2, Armored Defense -2, capacities: Self
Defends (LAR): Permanent +4, Hardened Defense +2, Armored Defense -2, capacities: Self
Useful (Immunities): Permanent +4, Variable Effect (Immunities) +2, Self Only -3, capacities: Self

Bioplasma Burst (10d)
A U (Dud)
Attacks: Go First +1, Penetration +1, Native Power +1, Obvious -1, Reduced Capacities -1, capacities: Range
Useful (Illumination) capacities: Range

Flight (10d)
Defends Capacities: Self
Useful Capacities: Speed


Bio: Not much is known about Chevalier, her motives or her origins. No one is even sure of her gender, but witnesses and analysts do believe she is a woman. Chevalier started operating around five years ago, in Boston, fighting local organized crime there. This is where Chevalier established both her abilities, and her main MO. When Chevalier becomes aware of an activity or person related to organized crime or hostile metahumans, she issues a challenge to them directly, calling them to one on one combat, to the death. The challenged has the choice of time and place, and both sides are allowed to use any weapon at their disposal. If ignored for a period of time (usually a week) Chevalier will simply attack the target directly. If accepted, Chevalier has prevailed in every known duel, and attempting to cross Chevalier has so far only resulted in more dead. The source of her armor is unknown, but most believe it to be based on alien technology somehow.

Body 5d
-Athletics 3d
-Brawling 3d
-Endurance 4d
-Melee Weapon (Sword) 5d
Coordination 4d
-Agility 3d
-Drive (Horse) 4d
-Drive (Motorcycle) 3d
-Drive (Biplane) 3d
-Ranged Weapon (Bow) 1d
-Stealth 2d
Sense 5d
-Empathy 3d
-Perception 3d
-Scrutiny 4d
Mind 3d
-First Aid 2d
-Knowledge (Alien Technology) 3d
-Knowledge (Nanotechnology) 1d
-Language (French) 3d
-Navigation 2d
-Research 3d
-Streetwise 2d
-Tactics 4d
Charm 2d
-Persuasion 4d
Command 5d
-Interrogation 3d
-Intimidation 5d
-Leadership 1d
-Stability 5d

BW 8
WP 16

Armor in the Family
Source: Technological
Permission: Power Theme

Chevalier Armor (3hd)
Defends (HAR): Interference +2, Endless +3, Armored Defense -2, Focus (Immutable, Indestructible, Irreplaceable) -2, capacities: Self
Defends (LAR): Endless +3, Hardened Armor +2, Armored Defense -3, Focus -1, capacities: Self

Armor Immunities (2hd)
Useful (Life Support): Endless +3, Self Only -3, Focus -1, capacities: Self
Useful (Radiation Immunity): Endless +3, Self Only -3, Focus -1, capacities: Self
Useful (Temperature Immunity): Endless +3, Self Only -3, Focus -1, capacities: Self
Useful (Immune to Daze): Endless +3, Self Only -3, Focus -1, capacities: Self

Chevalier Blade (8d+1hd)
A+2 D+2
Attacks: Penetration +1, Spray +1, Limited Damage (Killing) -1, Focus (Accessible, Immutable, Indestructible, Irreplaceable, Operational Skill) -3, capacities: Mass
Defends: Spray +1, Touch Capacity +1, Focus -1, capacities: Self, Touch

The Masked Man:

Bio: The Masked Man is a mysterious figure who has operated out of Chicago for almost five years. For several years, his existence was doubted, but evidence, especially electronic, have proven. The Masked Man keeps himself low-key, preferring to handle organized crime, or political misdeeds, but will make moves on metahumans making waves in the city, and even occasionally jumps in to take on street crime. Mostly, he operates by not being seen, gathering evidence, and placing it in the right hands to get the job done. CPD considers him a unpaid "consultant", and in return for his favors, ignore any trespass he makes on the law. When the situation prevents him from going to Law Enforcement, Masked Man goes to the media, exposing corrupt officials, police misconduct and anything along those lines.

Body 3d
-Athletics 3d
-Brawling 3d
-Endurance 1d
-Melee (Club) 4d
Coordination 4d
-Agility 4d
-Drive (Car) 3d
-Ranged Weapon (Crossbow) 4d
-Stealth 3d+(3d)
Sense 5d+(2d)
-Empathy 3d
-Perception 4d
-Scrutiny 5d
Mind 5d
-First Aid 3d
-Knowledge (Forensics) 4d
-Language (Latin) 4d
-Language (Spanish) 2d
-Language (French) 2d
-Navigation 2d
-Research 5d
-Security Systems 4d
-Streetwise 5d
-Tactics 3d
Charm 2d
-Lie 5d+(3d)
-Persuasion 4d
Command 4d
-Interrogation 5d
-Intimidation 3d+(3d)
-Stability 4d
-Occupation (Investigative Reporter) 4d

BW 8
WP 16

The Man Behind The Mask
Source: Focus
Permission: Power Theme

The Mask (4hd)
Defends (HAR): Interference +4, Hardened Armor +2, Endless +3, Armored Defense -2, Focus (Immutable, Indestructible, Irreplaceable) -2, Hit-Location (Head) -1, capacities: Self
Useful (Incognito): Permanent +4, Self Only -3, No Physical Change -1, Focus -1, capacities: Self
Useful (Mental Fortress) Permanent +4, Self Only -3, Focus -1, capacities: Self
Useful (Immune to Daze) Permanent +4, Self Only -3, Focus -1, capacities: Self

Pneumatic Crossbow (8d+2wd)
Attacks: Go First +2, Penetration +2, Limited Damage (Killing) -1, Depleted -1, Focus (Accessible, Adaptation, Durable) -3, capacities: Range
Useful (Grappling Hook): Mass Capacity +2, Focus -1, Slow -2, capacities: Range, Mass

Baton W+1 in S

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